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January 2021 Newsletter

Dean’s Message

At times such as these, we learn what really matters.  We learn to take stock and evaluate what we hold dear and where we are investing our efforts. We also learn that the most important things we have are not “things” at all.  They are the relationships we share and the moments and accomplishments that we create together.  

Schools of education across the country are experiencing great challenges due to the harsh realities of the global pandemic COVID-19 and social injustice, inequity, and tensions we observe all too often in the news. The Kremen School of Education and Human Development is no different.  We strive to protect our campus students while providing them the excellence they deserve and expect from their instructors.  We labor diligently to put safety measures and protocols in place to protect our students from infection while working closely with our partners to be sure all our clinical internships and experiential learning opportunities protect them as well.  We engage in matters of social justice and collaborate with a whole host of partners also engaged in creating spaces where everyone’s voice and contributions matter. 

Fresno State has a strong history attending to social justice issues and serving the community. Kremen is no small part of that legacy, and I couldn’t be prouder of my faculty and their efforts.  Each Kremen faculty has reinvested in teaching and engaged in high levels of technological and pedagogical training from the Center for Faculty Excellence so that we can continue to offer excellent instruction.  In addition, we have allowed no student to lapse in their credential nor graduation timeline because of access to technology.  Fresno State has literally provided over eight thousand devices and hot spots to mitigate gaps in opportunity for our students. 

In addition to preparing teachers, we have provided family and school counseling and counselor training through virtual telehealth venues in an era when the need for the mental health services has more than doubled.  At last count more than half the acting Superintendents in the Central Valley and more than three fourths of all the teachers hired have gone through Kremen programs.  With such a wide influence, we take very seriously our values and commitments and the kind of impact our centers, our programs, our partnerships, and our faculty have on the future. 

That is why I am so excited to announce to you that we are beginning this newsletter for the Kremen School of Education and Human Development. We will be sharing updates on our outreach, our projects, our research, our programming, and our partnerships as we approach this year with a renewed hope and optimism, spirit of togetherness, and hope for the future. We rededicate ourselves to working with our partners on new solutions and we will keep our students, our stakeholders, and our community up-to-date with this new communication tool, also encouraging all of our followers to engage with us. Once we have this chapter behind us, we will look back at what we have accomplished and know that, what we did best, we did together.  

Dr. Randy Yerrick
Dean, Kremen School of Education and Human Development

Faculty Spotlight – HERS Leadership Institute Alumna

Dr. Jenelle Pitt, professor and chair in the department of Counselor Education and Rehabilitation, has been spotlighted for leading higher ed initiatives in strengthening diversity, equity, and inclusion.
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