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Oktoberfest Funds Scholarships for Students

The Louise Sorrenti Petrosino Scholarship has been impactful for Marivel Bravo-Mendosa’s life.

The Petrosino Scholarship is one of many scholarships that are funded through the Kremen School of Education Alumni and Friends Chapter’s Oktoberfest. This annual event includes a silent auction and ticket sales that assist with raising money for scholarships to give back to Kremen School of Education and Human Development students.

Bravo-Mendosa, Master of Science in Counseling – Student Affairs and College Counseling student, stated how this scholarship has allowed her to commit 100% to her studies.

“As a graduate student I’m so busy, I’m always somewhere, I’m always doing something. But the reason I moved to Fresno was so that I would be able to afford living here on my own, I do not live here with my family, so I pay my own rent, my own bills, groceries. And that also means my own tuition.”

Bravo-Mendosa works on campus as an Intern Advisor at the Study Abroad Office. This paid internship allows her to fulfill her graduate program’s required internship hours while assisting with some of her expenses.

“I do receive a little bit with FAFSA, but everything else I have to come up with on my own. So not only did the scholarship help me cover my tuition and fees, but because of that I don’t have to be as stressed out trying to come up with the rest and trying to come up with funding for tuition and my own personal finances.”

Scholarships truly impact student’s lives and help make it possible for them to be successful during their academic journey.

“I’m definitely very very grateful for the community support that I’ve received with this scholarship. I feel like somebody invests in me, and that really inspires me and really motivates me to do the same when I make it, when I finally get to where I want to be. And to do the same to give back the way it was given to me.”

Learn more about how you can support students at the Kremen School of Education and Human Development here.

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