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Passionate for Science, Mrs. Click Becomes All-Star Teacher of the Year Finalist

It was a Thursday night in late June at AT&T Park. The San Francisco Giants were preparing for their series opener against the San Diego Padres. Mrs. Jennifer Click, Fresno State graduate student studying Curriculum and Instruction, prepared to go on the field for the NBC Sports All-Star Teacher of the Year ceremony.

Mrs. Click is a science teacher at Edison High School in Fresno Unified and was nominated for the All-Star Teacher of the Year award by a former student. She has spent the past nine years at Edison High School encouraging students to become passionate about chemistry and physics.

Jennifer Click 175W“My favorite thing about my job is getting students excited about science. There are so many cool things about the topic and so many things to learn that help explain the world around us. I love the diversity and community of Edison. It truly is remarkable to see all students come together for common goals. I LOVE my students. What other job has such a direct impact on young people? They are so creative and have such different personalities that every day is a cool new adventure.”
– Jennifer Click, Science Teacher 

All_Star_Teacher_Logo 150x150Being recognized as a finalist for the All-Star Teacher Award, Mrs. Click won $2,000 for her school. She plans to use the funds to jumpstart a Tiger Tutors program in which high school students travel to elementary schools and read books and tutor younger students. The Tiger Tutors program is an expansion of her current club, E-City Pantry Club. The E-City Pantry Club focuses on hygiene and community outreach. Over the past three years, thousands of personal hygiene packs have been donated to local schools, community centers, and shelters.

As a Fresno State alumni, Mrs. Click cares greatly for the community and the children we serve. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences, Chemistry and a dual single subject teaching credential in Chemistry and Physics.

Passionate about science, she decided to become a teacher. She wants students to be inspired to learn about their world and ask critical questions about what they see. She also wants to connect with students on a personal level and let them know someone cares about them.

Deciding to continue her education, Mrs. Click enrolled in the MA in Education, Curriculum and Instruction program last Fall.

“I love curriculum and instruction. I write virtually all of my classroom curriculum and am always trying to find innovative instruction techniques. I love getting students to understand complex material (chemistry) and think that it is all about setting them up with good curriculum and solid instruction.”
– Jennifer Click, Science Teacher

Mrs. Click plans to graduate with her master’s degree in Spring 2019 and hopes to write curriculum on a larger scale and become more active in teacher education.

Learn more about Fresno State’s graduate programs in Education and Teaching.

2 comments on “Passionate for Science, Mrs. Click Becomes All-Star Teacher of the Year Finalist

  1. Carol Fry Bohlin

    We’re so proud of you, Jen!! Congratulations! :- )


  2. Brandy White

    Congratulations, Jen!!!!!! 😊😊😊


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