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Kremen Faculty Present Their Research at the AERA

Faculty do not just teach in the classroom, many are also researchers.

Research is profoundly important for the university and our students. Many of our faculty members conduct educational research alongside their teaching responsibilities. Research is a vessel which allows our faculty members to dive into a topic that they are passionate about. Research has been shown to enhance teaching as students benefit from having a faculty member that is an expert in their chosen topic and who can provide them with current subject matter.

The American Educational Research Association (AERA)’s Annual Meeting is this weekend, from April 13-17, in New York City. AERA is the largest national professional organization devoted to the scientific study of education. The AERA Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of scholars in the field of education research. Showcasing ground-breaking, innovative and multidisciplinary studies in a diverse array of areas. AERA connects all fields of educational research.

Kremen School of Education and Human Development faculty, along with other Fresno State faculty, are attending this meeting and presenting their research. Below is a list of presentation titles and presenters.

Presentation Titles

  • Assessing Change in Instructional Leadership Development in Cross-Sector Preschool Contexts
  • Beyond a “Lack of Resources”: Exploring Patterns in Faculty Teaching Practices and Organizational Climate
  • Conceptualizing Gender Through Comics: The Inquiring, Boundary-Drawing, and Empowering Discussions of Young Readers
  • DACA Recipients’ Approaches to Funding Their Postsecondary Education
  • DREAMer Students as Future Bilingual Teachers in the California Central Valley
  • Early Transition Challenges Faced by Chinese Transnational Teachers in U.S. Elementary Schools
  • Educating the Public: Lessons Learned From Designing and Teaching Global Classrooms of MOOCs
  • Educational Equity for Latinx Youth: Translanguaging in a Middle School Bilingual Classroom
  • Enacting Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy in a STEM Capstone Course for Preservice Elementary Teachers
  • Enduring Commitment to College: First-Generation Students’ Journeys From Middle School to Adulthood
  • Exploring Agricultural Literacy Through Moje’s Disciplinary Literacy Heuristic
  • Fighting the Stigma of “Illegality”: The Identity Politics of Undocumented Youth
  • Finding Their Academic Voices: Tracing the Development of Two First-Generation Latina Writers
  • From Problems to Puzzles: The Potential of Inquiry to Facilitate Teacher Agency in Preservice
  • Hidden Behind the Model Minority Stereotype: Disparities in Asian Parent Empowerment and Their Children’s College Enrollment
  • Igniting the Massive Population Potential: The Role of Self-Regulated Learning in Student Achievement in MOOCs
  • Impact of Disciplinary and Integrated Approaches in Physical Science Lectures for Future K–8 Teachers
  • Integrating Technology Into Teaching and Learning: Professional Development for Faculty
  • Leadership Coaching: A Multiple-Case Study of Urban Public Charter School Principals’ Experiences
  • The Relationship Between College Students’ Sense of Purpose and Degree Commitment
  • Sense of Purpose Among Female Students Belonging to Minority Ethnic and Buddhist Backgrounds
  • A Social Justice Orientation to Reflective Practice in Teacher Education: Asking a Different Set of Questions
  • The Success of Urban Schools in Oxnard, California: An In-Depth Look at Developmental and Relational Assets
  • Taking the Long View: Learning From Longitudinal Studies of Writing
  • Teacher’s and Student’s Voice, Choice, and Collaboration in a Technology Personalized Learning Initiative
  • Validating a Regional Clinical Practice Rubric: Shifting to a Collective Approach to Teacher Preparation

AERA Presenters and Participants

The AERA annual meeting has presenters and participants ranging from Fresno State faculty to Kremen School of Education and Human Development faculty to other professionals.

Nancy Akhavan
Laura Alamillo
Lisa Bennett
Bryan Berrett
Ivan Ceballos Madrigal
Dermont Francis Donnelly
Gaby Encinas
Steven Hart
Luz Yadira Herrera
Anthony Hide
Heather Horsley
David Low
Luis Fernanda Macias
Frederick Nelson
Trang Phan
Emy Lopez Phillips
Gitima Sharma
Myunghwan Shin
Ana Soltero Lopez
Selena Van Horn
Juliet Wahleithner
Emily Marie Walter
Donald Wise
Pei-Ying Wu
Mariya Yukhymenko
Cathy Yun

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