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Four Job Offers in One Day

There are many reasons a person decides to go to college; increase their knowledge, become more financially stable, and to have more opportunity. But one of the main reasons people decide to continue their education is to further their career. People want to earn a degree that will get them a job and more importantly a career. Our goal, as the Kremen School of Education and Human Development, is to not only have our students graduate from college but to prepare them for their career.

Preparing for the Future

Every semester, the Kremen School hosts an Interview Panel Seminar for our last semester teaching credential students. The seminar was held on March 2nd, just one week before the Teacher Recruitment Fair on March 8th. This seminar helps prepare our teaching credential students for their future with career tips and a Q&A with school district personnel.

The Fresno State Career Development Center started off the seminar with a workshop on interview techniques, appropriate attire and resume tips. The workshop, hosted by Jody Burum, Career Counselor, provided our students with the tools they need to be successful in their future interviews. We want to make sure that our students are confident when they go into an interview. That our students have a positive attitude, portray a professional image and are prepared with the appropriate closing questions and comments for the interview.

Students can use the Career Development Center for the following resources:

The seminar concluded with a panel of District Superintendents and other executive personnel from the major Central Valley school districts. The district representatives provided our students with information about teaching in the districts. This is a unique opportunity for our students to get face-to-face time with potentially their future employers. The students asked the district representatives questions that are appropriate with current job trends and the world we live in today. The students asked questions such as: “Is it inappropriate to ask about the school’s safety procedures during the interview process?”, “What do you like to see in an interviewee’s ‘Teacher Portfolio’?” and “When interviewing with school districts as opposed to schools, how do you help applicants navigate which school would be the best fit?”.

The Interview Panel Seminar is a major tool in preparing our teacher credential students to be successful at the Teacher Recruitment Fair.

Landing the Job

On March 8th, the Kremen School of Education and Human Development hosted the 2018 Teacher Recruitment Fair. The fair is an opportunity for our teaching credential students and alumni to interview on the spot for current job openings. The fair was extremely successful, housing over 80 California school districts in attendance. The students and alumni in attendance needed to come prepared to the fair, ready for interviews and ready to sign job contracts. Brenda Alarcon, a Multiple Subject Credential student, made sure she came prepared. “The philosophy statement is what I prepared the most and fixing my resume. I already had letters of recommendation so that was the easy part.” Alarcon, receiving a job offer with Kings County School District, stating she “really appreciated that everyone was there and it makes you think for the future.”

Monica Sepulveda, also a Multiple Subject Credential student, was very successful at the Teacher Recruitment Fair and received four job offers and decided that she is going to start her career at West Fresno Elementary School. Sepulveda dedicates some of her success to being prepared but also knowing her audience. “They want to see what expertise or experience you have in education and that’s the first thing they look for.”

For any teachers or credential students who were not able to attend the fair, visit EDJOIN, the number one educational job site.



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