Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies Student Success

Angelina Garcia Continues to Inspire Others

Angelina Garcia has been inspiring and motivating people for years.

Angleina Garcia at Valley Children’s Hospital

Her story starts at Reedley College where she was studying to complete her Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Studies. Angelina Garcia, 22 years of age, unfortunately discovered she had a brain tumor during her freshman year at Reedley College. Thankfully the tumor was not cancerous, however it grew rapidly forcing emergency surgery. The tumor paralyzed the right side of her body so she could not eat or speak.  She had to re-learn many things and drop out of college for two years.

Throughout this hurdle in her life she was able to return to Reedley College. Still recovering from her brain tumor, Angelina was walking  to and from classes with a cane. During this time back at Reedley College, she met a motivating teacher, her Child Development instructor, Amy Micu. At the end of the semester, Micu motivated Angelina to walk without her cane. Angelina showed hesitation and Micu said “Maybe not today but just try it over the summer, I think you’re ready.” The following semester, Angelina returned to Reedley College and saw Micu, excited to show her that she was walking to and from classes without her cane.

“I did it and then that following semester she saw me walking without my cane. I was like look, I did what you told me!” – Angelina Garcia

Angelina’s ability to return to school and graduate from Reedley College inspired many people. Her counselor and several other instructors nominated her for the State Center Community College District (SCCCD) Student of Note Award. ‘The Student of Note award is given to one graduating student from each Center who has overcome a significant obstacle in his/her pursuit of an education.” – SCCCD. Angelina was interviewed by Reedley College’s Vice President and was presented with the Student of Note Award award during the commencement ceremony, where she received the diploma for her Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies degree.

While Angelina has inspired and motivated many people over the past few years, she was motivated by another teacher, her 4th grade teacher at Indianola Elementary School in Selma. Her 4th grade teacher was able to make an impact that helped Angelina realize that she wants to become a teacher one day.

“My 4th grade teacher was really motivating and I thought, another way I can motivate people is by being a teacher.” – Angelina Garcia

When Angelina transferred to Fresno State, she came in full force taking 18 units. She entered the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program’s STEP cohort with a concentration in history and she is minoring in Urban Civic Education. Angelina is very involved in school activities and is currently searching to join a student association or club.

During Angelina’s school experience, she has met many motivating people. Further driving her path to become a teacher. Her plan is to enter a credential program in Fall 2019, still deciding between becoming an elementary teacher or a history teacher. Angelina wants to teach in Reedley or Selma and continue motivating and inspiring others just as she was motivated by her 4th grade teacher.

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