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1967 – A 10-Year-Old Boy and His Teacher

Being a teacher has many meanings. Educator. Mentor. Artist. Philosopher. Coach. Historian.

Every single day teachers are making a difference in someone’s life. Whether that be a small effect on one child or making an impact on an entire community. Teachers are the force that prepare the leaders of tomorrow.

Dr. Paul Beare, Dean of the Kremen School of Education and Human Development, was enjoying a Saturday morning when he received an email. The email was from a man he had never met before. A man that was once a student of Dr. Beare’s mother.

January 21, 2018

Dear Dr. Beare,

I am Keith Martin, an art teacher in Bartlett, Tennessee. In 1967 I was a fifth-grade student in Mrs. Virginia Beare’s class at Frank P. Tillman Elementary School in Kirkwood, Missouri. This morning I was reflecting (in thanks) on my influences and searched for information about my favorite school teacher of all time. It was with sadness this morning that I realized and acknowledged that she is no longer alive.

This message is sent in hopes that you are another person who was influenced by the same teacher. … please understand that her teaching and the climate of learning in her classroom had a profound effect on me.

Fifty years later I am still grateful to her for the contribution she made to the life of a ten-year-old child.

Keith Martin
Art Teacher, Elmore Park Middle School
Bartlett, TN

Mrs. Virginia Beare
Mrs. Virginia Beare

Over the years, we grow up thinking of who our favorite teachers were. Repeating those few favorite memories over and over in our head. Feeling the happiness and strength those teachers helped us gain. Mrs. Virginia Beare made an influence on Keith that lasted a lifetime.

Being a teacher is so much more than going over a curriculum or handing out tests and grades. It is about making a difference in students’ lives.

Every day counts. Every decision counts.



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