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White House Honors Fresno State’s Mini-Core Program

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Lilly Lomeli and Jose Mejia!

They both were recognized by The White House for their efforts and dedication to the Mini-corps program! We are very proud to call them Fresno State colleagues!

On September 25, 2015,  Fresno State’s Mini-Corps Program that recruits Latino teachers and helps migrant students is one of five programs at four California State University campuses recognized by the White House for their commitment to narrowing the Latino achievement gap.

The White House released the “Bright Spots in Hispanic Education,” Sept. 15 and the CSU announced the honor in its system wide newsletter “CSU Leader” Thursday.

“We appreciate the great work done by Mini Corps and the thousands of teachers and students served over the years and of Fresno State’s long tradition and partnership in that,” said University President Joseph I. Castro. “These professionals have marched out into the community to help teach and nurture many young migrant students who strive to create a better life for their families through education.”

Dr. Paul Beare, Dean of the Kremen School of Education and Human Development that houses Mini Corps, said the school is “ incredibly proud” of the Mini Corps faculty and students.

“They make a real difference in our community. We have Mini Corps alumni on our faculty and others who are leaders in our community.  Another program that makes Fresno and Central California a better place to live.” – Dr. Paul Beare

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